Keith Bike 2014 Rotary For Keith Mobel-Partizan Cycling Team
★Rotary 旋˙公路上的飛行器
Rotary: The Flying Machine on the Road
Integrating Innovative concept of helicopter rotar blades into frame design
★KEITHBIKE鎧斯國際繼2012年以SHADOW車架拿下德國IF大獎後,經­­過整整一年的創新研發,設計團隊創新以直昇機的3D旋翼旋轉概念融入車架設計, 材質採用T-800 CARBOM碳纖維布,車架下管由60度角旋轉至兩側120度角的變化,將車頭迎面而­­來的風力緊貼下管順勢提昇為推進力,減少騎士腿部的風阻,大大提高騎乘速度並增加操­控­性。
After winning 2012 IF Design Award with Shadow road frame, Keith Bike International has been busy researching and developing an innovative new frame using T-800 carbon fiber, by integrating helicopter rotor blade design concept. By changing the frame down tube shape from 60 degree angle to 120 degree bilaterally towards the head tube, it creates multitude of air drag variation, reduce air drag on rider's legs, and consequently increases riding speed.